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» Potosí 4012 (C1199ACH) Bs. As. Argentina
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» Potosí 4012 (C1199ACH) Bs. As. Argentina (54-11) 4958-0536 • 0800-333-DEME (3363) Emergency: 156-059-4000 - info@demedic.com.ar


DEMEDIC S.A. Argentina is a company that began operations in 1984, under the premise of providing products for the health service, high quality and reliability, with the permanent incorporation of new technologies.

Since its inception was dedicated to the sale of disposable products for medical use, in 1985 he obtained from BAXTER - Travenol (USA) exclusive representation hemodialyzers line and Oxygenators Bentley, for certain geographic areas in Argentina. The agreement with this company lasted until 1990.

In 1991, he obtained MEDTRONIC INC. exclusive representation of CARDIOPULMONARY, BIO-MEDICUS and Hemotec lines for the whole country.
Other internationally renowned companies, including Electromedics INC., DLP then joined. And ALARIS MEDICAL SYSTEMS.

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En 1993, DEMEDIC S.A. He opened his own laboratory for fabrication of biomedical disposable, which contained a Certified Class 10,000 clean area. In this area different products are manufactured with high quality raw material.
Since then disposables are distributed both in the local market and abroad, leaving these products producer in the year 2011.

Between 2005 and early 2006 joined representing several organizations dedicated to the development of high medical complexity: CAREFUSION, WEXLER, GENZYME, CSZ. New signature products MEDTRONIC INC were also added during this period, covering a wide range of solutions for different medical needs of our time.


Potosí 4012 (C1199ACH) Bs. As. Arg.
(54-11) 4958-0536
0800-333-DEME (3363)




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